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About Us

At Pam Gabriels Audiology and Tinnitus Management clients care comes first.

The practice offers parking at access level,welcoming refreshments on arrival and fully professional and courteous service.

Pam Gabriels has been at the forefront of audiology and tinnitus specialisation since the late 1980’s and was chairperson of the International Tinnitus Conference here in W.A in 2002.

With a proven track record of good service over many years clients can trust that they will receive professional caring attention.

The staff are also highly experienced and qualified in repairing and maintaining technology from most major manufacturers and are happy to help at short notice to ensure clients are hearing at an optimal level.



Pamela Gabriels

Pamela Gabriels qualified in 1977 as an Audiologist.During her career she has offered a range of full audiological services and specialised in tinnitus,hyperacusis,misophonia and phonophobia.

In 2002, she won the bid to host and chair the International Tinnitus Conference in Western Australia, a first for Australia.Pam maintains her international contacts specializing in Tinnitus. She has also chaired the first and several subsequent workshops on Tinnitus for other professionals in Australia.